Aços Ferramenta, h13

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Aços Ferramenta, h13

ID Produto: 904797
Product: 1.2344,h13,skd61

Keywords: tool steel,die steel,specialty steel,steel bar,hotwork,coldwork,forged bar,alloy tool steel,flat bar, round bar.

Typical Analysis:
c : 0.32-0.45
Si : 0.80-1.21
Mn: 0.40-0.60
p : Max 0.030 esr: ≤0.020
s : Max 0.030 esr: ≤0.009
Cr: 4.75-5.50
Mo: 1.10-1.75
v : 0.80-1.20.

The main product advantages: good resistance to thermal fatigue, superior properties at elevated temperature, excellent impact strength, deep hardening, readily available.

h13 is an excellent choice for a wide range of hot work and cold work applications. It is used extensively for aluminu, zinc and magnesium die casting dies where drastic water cooling is used and both high red hardness and resistance to heat checking are crucial.
- Cold work shock steel because of its excellent toughness due to the low carbon content and the 1% silicon.
- Hot extrusion tooling,forging die inserts adn header dies.

The machinabilityod h13 is rated at 70 as compared to 1% carbon tool steel which is rated at 100. It also has a high grindability rating.
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