Aços Ferramenta, dc53

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Aços Ferramenta, dc53

ID Produto: 904855
Product: dc53,assab88

Features: tool steel/ die steel/ specialty steel/ steel bar/ hotwork/ coldwork/ forged bar/ alloy tool steel/ flat bar/ round bar.

Typical Analysis:
c : 1.0
Si : 1.0
Mn: 0.4
p : Max 0.030
s : Max 0.030
Cr: 11.00-13.5
Mo: 2.0
v: 0.3.

-Higher hardness (62-63 hrc) than d2 after heat treatment.
-Twice the toughness of d2 with superior wear resistance.
-Substantially higher fatigue strength compared to d2.
-Secondary refining process (dlf) reduces impurities.
-Smaller primary carbides than d2 protect the die from chipping and cracking.
-Machines and grinds up to 40% faster than d2.
-Less residual stress after wire EDWing.

Availability: Readily available.

-stepped punch and press-punching dies,
-concrete sprayer parts rotor plates,
-swaging dies and backers,
-dies for cold forging,
-thread-rolling circular dies,
-piercing punch,
-thread-rolling dies for heat-treated bolts,
-forming dies,
-stripper plates for lead frame blanking,
-screws for injection molding machines and plastic molds.

Machinability: Dc53 machines and grinds better and faster than d2 for longer tool life and reduced tool maufacturing time.

Dc53 can be hardened to 62-63 hrc in the same manner as d2 and when tempered at high temperature (520 to 530 c) it assumes excellent properties.

When tempered at lower temperatures (180 to 200 c) its performance is equivalent to or better than that of d2.

This is improved hardenability makes heat treatment easier and reduces hardness problems due to vacuum heat treatment, which uses gas cooling.

High temperature tempering (520 Cor higher) allows dc53 to ratain its high hardness and wire electro discharge machinability.

Even when tempered at low tough and equal or higher in hardness (wear resistance) than d2.
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