Aços Ferramenta, 2714,l6

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Aços Ferramenta, 2714,l6

ID Produto: 904825
Product: 1.2714,l6

Key words:tool steel,die steel,specialty steel,steel bar,hotwork,coldwork,forged bar,alloy tool steel,flat bar, round bar.

Typical Analysis:
c : 0.65-0.75
Si : 0.10-0.50
Mn: 0.25-0.80
p : Max 0.030
s : Max 0.030
Cr: 0.60-1.20
Mo: Max 0.50
Ni: 1.25-2.00.

Similar Grades: din 1.2714, GB/t 5CrNiMo

The mais advantages of the product are good toughness at lower hardness lever and Good wear at high hardness lever.

Application: l6 was designed for general purpose tools where greater toughness is required, such as forming rolls, punches, blanking dies, shear blades,and spindles.

Machinability: l6 has a machinability rating of 85% of a 1% carbon tool steel.

Annealing: l6 should be annealed at 1400 f and held for one hour per inch of thickness. Cool at 20 f per hour to 900 f and then air-cool. A maximum hardness of 217 Brinell should be obtained.

Hardening: l6 should be preheated to 1200 f then heated to 1500 to 1550 f and held for one hour per inch of thickness. Quench in oil to 150 f followed immediately by tempering. l6 can also be air quenched in sections less than 1" thick.
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Aços Ferramenta, 2714,l6

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